Japan Hata Ramune Soda Drink Pinball 日本哈达 弹珠 气泡水
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Ramune, which is one of the modern symbols of summer in Japan, Calpis, Milkis and Cida, Koreans and Japanese soft drinks. They are widely known for the uniquely refreshing taste and are often widely consumed during warm festival days and nights. Hata Drinks comes in an old-fashioned marbles glass bottle. When you finish drinking, turning the cap of the drinking mouth part and removing it, it is specification that marbles can be taken out.

日本波子汽水很好玩哦~ 里面有个小弹珠,和的时候先把盖子压下去将弹珠顶到瓶颈里,弹珠卡在那里咕咚顺咚地,气泡顶到舌尖时有跳舞的感觉,夏天的时候冰了喝它很爽哦!

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