【Indonesia Import】【Halal】Gery Saluut Malkist Sweet Cheese/Chocolate Crackers Series 芝士/巧克力夹心饼干
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Indonesia Halal Certificate

Gery brand is the second brand of Garudafood, which was launched in 1997 for coated biscuit products. After that, the Gery brand launched confectionery products such as chocolate pasta and chocolate meises and other types of biscuits such as malkist crackers, chocolate biscuits and cereal snacks (cereal snacks). Garudafood always prioritizes innovation to develop a potential coated biscuit market.

Based on Nielsen data from 2016-2018, Garudafood is one of the first companies to introduce wafer biscuits and malkist crackers coated with good product quality and various flavor variants received by consumers, such as chocolate, cheese, coconut and green tea.

Sweet Cheese 110g Exp Date30.03.2022
Chocolate 110g Exp Date09.03.2022
Chocolate Coconut 105g Exp Date09.03.2022
Coconut 105g Exp Date15.03.2022
Matcha Latte 100g Exp Date16.03.2022
Sweet Cheese 18g Exp Date19.04.2022
Chocolate 18g Exp Date26.03.2022