【Korea Import】NongShim Shrimp Crackers Series 韩国 农心 鮮蝦條 多种口味 系列
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1) Nongshim Shrimp Cracker Sweet & Spicy 80g (Best Before: 2021.04.18)

Imagine lightly coated shrimp smothered in a delectable sauce of fruity sweetness, tangy chilies and slightly sour citrus freshly fried up in a hot wok. Well, NongShim shrimp crackers don't taste exactly that, but they come pretty close in terms of taste rather than other shrimp flavoured chips or crackers. Once you open the packet, good luck refraining yourself from binge-eating them!

2) Nongshim Shrimp Cracker Original 90g (Best Before: 2021.07.26)

'Shrimp Crackers' is the snack for the whole nation of all generations due to its salty flavor and tenderly melting smoothness. It was introduced in 1971 and records the largest amount of sales. Made by the parching method in which the heated salt broils in a high temperature, 'Shrimp Crackers' boasts an optimal taste and texture. In particular, one bag of 'Shrimp Crackers' includes about 4 Southern rough shrimps caught around Gunsan and Janghang, Jeolla province. Sun-dried salt is used to finish.

3) Nongshim Shrimp Cracker Spicy 90g (Best Before: 2021.08.03)

Spicy Shrimp Crackers are a spicier version of the Shrimp Cracker product. It is made from fresh flour and ground shrimp and 0g Trans Fat.

4) Nongshim Shrimp Cracker 80g (Best Before: 2021.07.19)